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Landscape Design

A young family with modern style and a forest looming, what are they to do?…put in more cedar of course! This outdoor oasis is filled with many different “rooms” for everyone in the family. There is a place to party for Dad – a covered BBQ area that houses a grill and a smoker; a place to relax for Mom – a stone patio with chartreuse scotch moss and a steel planter box filled with scented lavender; a place to hang out for the Kids – a fire pit for roasting marshmallows and a cedar and steel bench seat to lounge; and most importantly a place for the whole family to gather – a large deck where they can eat and have family movie night as a hidden screen pulls downs from underneath the BBQ cover.  This landscape was designed for family and outdoor fun.



Architect:  Imprint Architecture and Design, LLC
Photographer: Aaron Leitz Photography

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